Sell a Business

Sell a Business
Why advertise on Business Owners Direct?
Our site puts genuine business buyers in direct contact with you!
Your business is yours, you deserve the reward for your hard work, we charge no commissions on sale.
Our site is highly ranked on Google, buyers will find you.
Large database of registered buyers.
Cost effective & risk free advertising.
All listings linked to Facebook & Twitter for maximum exposure.


Ready to Sell Your Business?
We offer unlimited amount of text in your advert.
Photos speak a 1000 words.
Email Alert – Business buyers will instantly receive notification your business is live on our site.
With our “Featured Business” option you are more likely to receive enquires quicker.
Access your statistics: Access to your account 24/7 to see the number of views and responses to your Ad



One Response to “Sell a Business”

  1. vudragovich November 17, 2012 at 11:29 am #

    Thank you for visiting my site. I remember seeing your site before. If you have anyone in East TN, we just got a new local lender so please feel free to share my name and I will pass them on!

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