Risk Free Offer! Sell your business direct. We are offering a 30 day free trial!

Free Trial Offer

Risk Free Offer! Sell your business direct, pay no Commissions!

What are the costs of advertising?


Limited Free Trial – Free (for 30 days after your first buyer response)

What’s the Offer?
Business Owners Direct is highly committed to selling businesses. We offer prospective advertisers the opportunity to test the service first.

With our Free Trial, you get to take out a listing on the site without paying for it. You will be able to view some of the information a buyer has provided, however we will withhold the full contact details. Once you pay, we will then release the contact information of the buyers interested in your business.

This gives you the unique opportunity of seeing whether there is a market for your business before you pay to advertise.
The Offer lasts for 30 days after you have received your first response. After this time, your listing will expire. You will need to choose from one of our advertising packages to continue.

Please note, you can add a website address, attachments and video to your listing. However these will not be displayed while your listing is part of the Free Trial. As soon as you upgrade your subscription these will become visible to all buyers.

Business Owners Direct is not a broker and we do not charge a commission for helping you sell your business. Business Owners Direct is an advertising service. We consider ourselves to be a marketplace that allows anyone selling a business privately to list their details on the site.

How do I take advantage of this offer?
•  Register HERE.
•  Then login HERE.
•  Once Logged in follow on page the instructions.
•  Do Not Buy The Credits, we will activate your listing once it’s been verified.

Remaining anonymous
Business Owners Direct recognizes that selling a business is a sensitive process and we respect the privacy of sellers. As a seller, you do not have to reveal specific details such as the name of the business or its exact location. Your contact details are not shown and all messages from buyers are delivered to you via the site.

Please note: we do not allow sellers to publish contact details within their listings. Business Owners Direct reserves the right to edit all listings and remove contact details where they appear within the body of a listing.

How do business buyers make contact with me?
Buyers must first register with the site before they can contact you. This simple process of registration filters out time wasters. Once registered, buyers will click the ‘Send a Message’ tab on your listing and request more information from you, such as financial details or the opportunity to view the business.

Monitoring or improving my listing
At any time during your listing period you can sign in and monitor all responses made on your listing. Once you’ve signed in to your account you can also update your details, amend or upgrade your listing.

It’s Simple! So list your business today!


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