‘Three women and a baby’ case baffles officers

5 Dec

A STRANGE case of a ‘motherless’ baby at Mlaga maternity hospital has left National Police puzzled.
They say a young girl and her newborn baby were brought in by ambulance after having given birth elsewhere and suffering complications.

She was apparently accompanied by another woman.

But when the hospital tried to register the birth, they found the mother had given a false identity.

In the meantime, a security guard caught a third woman attempting to leave the building undercover with the same baby.

National Police have opened an investigation into who the baby’s real mother is, why the youngster gave a fake name and address, and why another woman tried to take the baby out of the hospital.

For the moment, the baby remains in hospital and is in the custody of the social services until the situation is clarified.

Officers say two of the women involved are Spanish and a third is from either Ecuador, Bolivia or Per.


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