Elections in Catalonia, Spain

30 Nov


The Catalonia Regional Elections on Sunday resulted in a clear defeat for Artur Mas, the present leader of the governing CiU party, who had exhorted the voters to give him a substantial majority to initiate a process leading to independence from Spain. CiU lost 12 seats in the regional parliament. The socialist party also lost votes and seats, going from 28 to 20 deputies. The biggest winner was the radical ERC party, going from 10 to 21 seats in Parliament. PP won 19 seats, up 1 on the last elections and the Ciutadans party won 9 seats.

Mas will have difficulty finding partners for a coalition government. The ideological distance between him and the other independist party, ERC, being great. A possible coalition partner for the defeated CiU would be the other big losers in the socialist party, however, the socialists do not support the independence project of Mas, neither of course do PP, who are ideologically close to CiU.

A public opinion poll has revealed that 61% of the Catalan’s believe Mas and the Pujol’s have, or have had, bank accounts in Switzerland, and 51% believe CiU habitually collects commissions…..

It will be a difficult situation for Catalonia and complex negotiations in the coming weeks.



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