Swiss bank accounts, Catalan regional elections

22 Nov

Catalonia is holding elections to the regional parliament on 25th of this month which the leaders of the regionalist party CiU are trying to make into a plebiscite on independence from Spain.


To the great dissatisfaction of the CiU leaders, the questions of corruption, tax evasion and transfer of huge sums of money to accounts in Swiss banks have been brought to attention in information leaked from the Swiss UBS bank, and in a Spanish police report published by the leading newspaper ‘El Mundo’.


Last week we wrote about the father of the present President of the Catalan government, Artur Mas, who had an substantial account in Switzerland. He is being investigated for possible corruption connected with the construction of the Palau in Barcelona. This week we can tell our readers about the publication in ‘El Mundo’ of a report from the Spanish police that the Pujol family has 131 million euros stashed away in a Swiss account. Jordi Pujol was one of the founders or the regional party and President of the Generalitat for several years. He was also the founder of the Banca Catalana that was investigated by the Bank of Spain due to heavy losses. The national prosecutors examined transfers to other countries of more than 500 million pesetas, but in 1986 the Barcelona courts of shelved the accusations.


The Catalan nationalists are now pretending that the accusations about the Swiss bank accounts are just election rhetoric.


In the meantime, President Barroso of the European Commission has confirmed that is a territory segregates from a member state it automatically leaves the European Union, and their citizens will no longer be European Citizens.





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