Audi Q5 steers ahead of Toyota Landcruiser in 4×4 battle

4 Nov

The Audi Q5, described by Top Gear as so bland it is like “motoring mash potato”, has knocked the Toyota Landcruiser off top spot to become the 4×4 least likely to lose its value.

A Q5 bought for £28,015 three years ago and with 37,000 miles on the clock is currently retaining 74% of its value, selling for a typical £20,750, according to the used car dealer’s “Bible”, Glass.

The car, which falls into a sector loathed by environmentalists and cyclists, holds its value just slightly better than the Toyota Landcruiser, which up until now had held the top spot on the list. Its list price is a much heftier £55,890, with three-year-old models selling for £41,000.

Further down the list the Skoda Yeti and the Toyota Landcruiser Amazon have a 72% residual value, selling second-hand for £15,300 and £35,750 respectively. Two Land Rovers, the Discovery and the Range Rover Sport, the Audi Q7, the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Porsche Cayenne and the BMW X1 make up the rest of the top 10 in that order.

“The list shows that the smaller engine variants retain the most of their value – this is because they cost less new and smaller engines are in keener demand,” says Adrian Rushmore, Glass’s managing editor. “Diesels are holding on to their value better, as we have grown to expect.”

When it comes to reliability, 4x4s are a mixed bag. Researchers at Which? were surprised earlier this year when their research showed a 4×4, the Skoda Yeti, as the most reliable new car in Britain. The consumer group found that not a single owner of a petrol-powered Yeti suffered a breakdown in the past 12 months.

However, one particular SUV was Which’s worst rated car for reliability in 2012: the Range Rover Sport – a £50,000 plus car.


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