Helicopter service between Scilly and Cornwall to end

31 Oct

The curtain will fall on five decades of a helicopter service linking the Cornish mainland with Isles of Scilly on Wednesday, when the final commercial flight with British International Helicopters (BIH) leaves the islands.

BIH announced in August that it planned to close its domestic helicopter passenger route between Penzance and Scilly from 1 November.

The managing director, Tony Jones, said: “The route has run for 49 years so this is an extremely sad announcement for BIH, its employees and its customers – in fact the whole of west Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Unfortunately we had no alternative.”

The company said a number of factors, including a drop in passenger numbers and commercial reasons, were behind the decision. Around 50 people have been made redundant as a result of the closure.

It means the archipelago will be left with Skybus plane flights six days a week, and the seasonal Scillonian ferry service – both run by the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group.

Some residents described the move as “a kick in the teeth”, while others voiced concerns that Steamship Group would take advantage of its monopoly by hiking up prices.

But Alasdair Moore, editor of the Tresco Times newspaper on one of the islands, said it was not all “doom and gloom”.

He said: “Yes, on the one hand it is very sad for those staff who have given excellent service to the people of Scilly, Penzance, and tourists.

“But there can be a silver lining from this. There is a genuine possibility to fully streamline and hone the transport to and from the islands.

“There is a concern that Skybus or the Scillonian will hike up its prices, but if they are experiencing increased footfall then we need to consider whether they may in fact make their prices more competitive.”

He said islanders had been told existing transport services would be able to cope with BIH’s decision to stop flights.

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Group’s chief executive, Jeff Marston, said: “We are sad to see the helicopter go after almost 50 years of service during which time we have worked alongside one another in friendly competition, and understand the apprehension that the loss of the service has created among some people.

“But we would like to reassure everyone that we will continue to offer fixed wing and sea freight services year-round and our seasonal passenger ferry service, and are continuing to invest to ensure that we meet the needs of islanders and visitors alike for many years to come.”

The final BIH flight from Penzance will leave for Scilly at 5.05pm on Wednesday, returning to the Cornish mainland from the islands at 5.50pm.



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