No Easy Business Set-ups in Spain

24 Oct

El País, Miguel Jiménez (translated by Lenox Napier)
Despite repeated announcements of reforms to facilitate business creation, Spain frustratingly remains one of the World’s most difficult places to start up a new business. In fact, Spain is ranked 136th out of 185 countries surveyed by the just released ‘World Bank’s Doing Business 2013’ report – three places down on last year – which includes data through June. It takes 10 procedures (Spain loves its paperwork) and an average 28 days, to say nothing of the high costs involved. Indeed, it is harder to create a company in Spain than in such places as Afghanistan, Albania, Burundi, Iran, Kosovo, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Yemen and Zambia, according to the report.

That is only one of the parameters that the World Bank report takes into account when assessing the position of the different countries in the ‘ease of doing business’. This is a measure, in terms of flexibility and ease, to create a company and what the report shows is that there are many less developed countries than Spain where it is much easier to take that step.

Recently, the story of a entrepreneur from Seville appeared in the Spanish media, where he recounted the ordeal of three years and 10,000 € spent in paperwork in four different administrations (local, provincial, regional and national) to open a business in the town of Vejer, situated in a region with one of the highest unemployment rate of the whole of Europe.

The difficulty of starting a business is still the main drag on the overall ranking of ‘ease of doing business’, in which Spain is still placed at 44th, behind Peru and ahead of Colombia, in a list that is topped by Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the USA and Denmark, which repeat in the top five.


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