How much tax do Starbucks, Facebook and the biggest US companies pay in the UK

17 Oct

The taxes paid by large US companies with operations in the UK is in the news, following the news that Starbucks has paid no tax in the last two years.

We wondered how much tax some of the most famous US names in the UK have paid on their British operations over the last four years.

We got the data via Duedil, which has made getting hold of financial information from company reports an art. The group of companies – and you can download and explore the data below – have a combined turnover between 2008 and 2011 of £116.4bn. They declared total profits before tax of £5bn – and paid taxes of £1.5bn.

Many of the famous names have declared losses: Starbucks says it lost £32m in 2011, Google lost £20.7m and Facebook lost £13.9m. Explore the data below – we’ve included total turnover, the profit declared before tax and the actual tax paid, for every year from 2008 to 2011.

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Only recently, Facebook was accused of taking the Treasury for a ride when the figures showed the British arm

paid its 90 UK-based staff an average of £275,000 each in 2011 while contributing just £195,890 to the Treasury’s coffers, according to the firm’s latest accounts filed at Companies House. The website also reported UK revenues of £20.4m, a fraction of the £175m that media analysts estimate the firm made in the UK in 2011.


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